Snowmobiling in the Houston Area

Outdoor enthusiasts will find that winter is just barely long enough around Houston.  There’s so much to do when the environment changes from autumn’s glory to winter’s picturesque cloak of snow and ice.


Houston is home to some incredible high elevation and meadow sledding opportunities. Houston lies in the shadows of the coastal mountains offering the Houston area a mild winter climate and generous amounts of snow. Houston receives approximately 160 centimetres of snow annually, with the average winter temperature of -12.7 Celsius when you add those two statistics together you get an abundance of dry northern white gold! With Houston surrounded by pristine wilderness and stellar snow conditions it becomes any winter outdoor recreationist paradise and a prime destination for snowmobiling offering mountain riding, deep powder and forests to explore, no matter what type of terrain you prefer,  all minutes from town. It’s no wonder that Houston was awarded 2016 Favorite Sled Town in Western Canada from SnoRider Magazine!


Houston’s snowmobiling season usually starts in November and runs until late spring. The Houston Snowmobile Club maintains four different riding areas including Dungate Meadows, Telkwa Range, Morice Mountain, and the Rhine Ridge/Sibolas zones. The Houston Snowmobile Club has approximately 200km of maintained trails in Telkwa Range and Dungate Meadows areas, and has cabins available for visitors to use in the Telkwa Range, Rhine Ridge/Sibolas, and Dungate Meadows areas. The club asks visitors to obey a few simply rules for everyone’s safety.

Please read and follow signs in all areas, if you encounter wildlife in any area please leave the area and notify anyone else you may meet going in.

  • Please pack out your garbage. Remember to go out prepared and come home safe and may your days ride be a memorable one.


Morice Mountain

The scenery at Morice Mountain is breath taking. Located 28km from Houston, it represents a nice ride in a mountain setting. Morice Mountain is an ungroomed area that offers a mixture of alpine terrain, suitable for both novice and advanced riders, there are several hills to play on and open meadows to lay tracks in.


  • From the Houston Visitor Turn west on Hwy16

  • At approx. 2.5 km turn left onto Buck Flats road

  • Follow the Buck Flats Road for approx. 18 kilometres

  • Then turn right take the Carrier Forest Service Road for about 10 kilometres until you see signage for Morice Mountain.

Driving distance: 28 kilometres (about 30 minutes from Houston)

Parking: The Carrier Forest Service Road may not be plowed but there is a small parking lot located on the Buck Flats Road that is usually plowed out and you can unload there.

Grooming Season: Not groomed

Difficulty Level: Novice, Intermediate, Expert


Dungate Meadows

Perfect for families and beginners, the Dungate Meadows area offers low-angle riding with an extensive trail system that is groomed from the staging area to the Houston Snowmobiling Club cabin that is open for everyone to enjoy and is well-stocked with firewood. The Dungate Meadows area is a good option for those days when visibility is low or avalanche hazards are high. If you enjoy ice fishing just follow the trail to the end of the meadows to discover small lakes at each end (Hanna and Poison Lake). 


  • Starting from the Houston Tourist Information building head east of Houston on Highway 16.   Head east and turn right on Butler Ave., drive until you reach Omineca Way, turn right. 

  • Drive until you reach the Equity Mine Rd on your left,(  You can stage two kilometres up the Equity Mine Road and ride from there)

  • At 19 kilometres you can unload at the main staging area on the left.

Driving distance: The Dungate Meadows are located 21 kilometres from Houston.

Parking: Both staging areas are plowed but the main parking lot is larger and may be more suitable for trucks with trailers.

Grooming Season: Partial from stage to cabin

Difficulity Level: Novice, Intermediate


Telkwa Range

The Houston Snowmobile Club’s showcase area and a first choice for sledders visiting Houston is the Telkwa Range. This isolated cluster of mountain peaks offers a variety of riding options. From the trailhead, it is an 11-kilometre ride on a groomed trail to the club’s cabin where beginners and families can do some exploring. Beyond the cabin, experienced riders will find steep hills to climb and other, more advanced terrain features to tackle.

Large groups tend to make it a day-long destination because of its wide range of terrain—groomed trails, and the cabin that is available to visitors. This is a caribou recovery area so some restrictions may apply. Please read the signs.


  • From the Houston Visitor Centre travel west on Hwy.16

  • At 4.1km turn left onto the Morice River FSR

  • Drive past the mill and at the 4 km board turn right onto By-Mac Road

  • Head down the hill and after 1.1 km turn left onto the bridge crossing the Morice River

  • You are now on the Walcott FSR

  • At approx.. 8km turn left onto a road that goes between two fields and follow it until you arrive the parking lot.

Driving Distance: Telkwa Range parking lot is 22km from Houston

Parking: There are two parking lots for the Telkwa Range. Both are plowed, but the main parking lot may be more suitable for trucks with large trailers. The club also pushes up the snow banks for riders to unload their sleds.

Grooming Season: December to March

Difficulty Level: Novice, Intermediate, and Expert


Tableland Mountain:

Tableland Mountain is for experienced riders who are up for real adventure. It is a one-hour drive from Houston to Tableland Mountain. The terrain flows from meadows to hills and typical mountain conditions, and riders should be skilled in avalanche awareness. Locals recommend hitting Tableland Mountain in the spring, from mid-January to March. There are no groomed trails in the area so it would be wise to accompany someone who is familiar with the area. Please contact the Houston Snowmobiling club for assistance.


  • From the Houston Visitor Centre travel west on Hwy.16

  • At 4.1km turn left onto the Morice River FSR

  • At 27.5 km turn right

  • At 44.5 km keep left

  • At 51 km keep right

  • At 65 km turn left onto the Lamprey FSR

  • After approx. 7 km (just before the Lamprey Lake rec Site) the trail takes off on your right.

  • Contact the snowmobile club for further information

Driving Distance: Tableland Mountain is approx. 80kms from Houston

Parking: Parking will depend on which roads are plowed from forestry activities

Grooming Season: This area is not groomed

Difficulty Level: Intermediate to expert


Sibolas/Rhine Ridge:

The Sibolas and Rhine Ridge areas consist of three mountain ranges about 101 kilometres to the south of Houston, This area is ungroomed, but if you’re an intermediate to expert rider who is looking for deep snow and mountains and valleys that seem to go on forever, it’s well worth the drive.

Many people head to this area in the spring, when the longer light of day makes a full day of riding hills, meadows and the alpine all the more enjoyable. This area can get 3 feet of snow in an overnight storm, making it worth ones time. Watch for drop-offs and cliffs when cresting the hills, and get ready for the views of a lifetime.

The Houston Snowmobile Club usually breaks trail in December. There are few marked trails, so heading out as a group and with a local rider is recommended. There are club-maintained cabins in both areas.


          From the Houston Visitor Centre travel west on Hwy.16

          At 4.1km turn left onto the Morice River FSR

          At 27.5 km keep going straight onto the Morice-Owen FSR

          At 56.5 km turn right onto the Nadina Main FSR

          At 74 km keep left

          At 81 km keep right

          At 89 km keep right

          At 101.5 km you can park an unload your sled

          Traveling up the Sibola Main FSR for 200 km will bring you to the Snowmobile cabin

Driving Distance: The Sibloas and Rhine Ridge Area is 105km from Houston

Parking: At the beginning of the Sibola Main FSR is usually wide and plowed.

Grooming Season: This area is not groomed

Difficulty Level: Intermediate to expert


To contact the Houston Snowmobile Club for more  current information, please call Houston & District Chamber of Commerce at 250-845-7640. All visitors and new members are welcome!


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