Houston has a variety of fishing experiences to enjoy. Two famous fly fishing rivers, the Bulkley and Morice meet in Houston.The Morice River supplies over 90% of the water in the Bulkley River which is the largest tributary of the Skeena River. This is why the Morice River is known for its amazing Steelhead fishing. The river has the largest return of Steelhead anywhere in the world! Steelhead fishing season on the Morice opens at the beginning of September and runs through the fall. Five different salmon species are known to inhabit this water system including Chinook, Pink, Chum, Sockeye, Coho, and Steelhead. The Chinook salmon are the top producers in this river system and are known to be responsible for an estimated 30% of the total Skeena escapements of the species. The Chinook fishing season starts from mid-July and runs to late August. Coho salmon run the same season as the Steelhead from early September to late in the fall. While the Morice River is known for its excellent salmon fishing, it is also home to Trout, including Rainbow, Cutthroat, and Dolly Varden. Their legendary steelhead runs, along with fishing for spring and coho Salmon provide,many hours of recreation.  Fishing on the river can be on from shore with a fly or hard tackle, or by boat.  Houston offersgreat lake fishing close to the community.  

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